Warriors Of My Country

These are the warriors of my country. They have been the ones responsible for shaping the Island and bring balance to its people.

Estos son los guerreros de mi país. Ellos han sido los encargados de dar forma a la Isla y traer equilibrio a su gente.


Dragon Bow Z

A series where I turn dembow artists / rappers from the Dominican Repúblic 🇩🇴 into Dragon Ball Z Characters.

Una serie en la que convierto dembowseros / rapperos de la República Dominicana 🇩🇴 en personajes de Dragon Ball Z.


Laatin Tunes

A fun series transforming Latin artists into looney tunes characters. Adapting their qualities and personalities as my team and I see fit.

Una serie divertida que transforma a artistas latinos en personajes de looney tunes. Adaptando sus cualidades y personalidades según mi equipo y yo lo consideremos oportuno.

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Heroic Spirits

There are heroes that live vicariously through stories. They are men and women who have helped the world become a better place. The names of these heroes are names that must be remembered!

Hay héroes que viven indirectamente a través de historias. Son hombres y mujeres que han ayudado al mundo a convertirse en un lugar mejor. ¡Los nombres de estos héroes son nombres que hay que recordar!



I base the images on different parts of my knowledge, some are based on religion and others are more focused on cultures and beliefs. I go into Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, dreams, visions, and also indigenous believes and cultures.


Deep Inside

Deep inside is a series of paintings where embody my deep thoughts and make them come out as black and white digital paintings. Here I go for my emotions whether it is fear, bravery, sacrifice, enlightenment, insecurity, rage, ect. By revealing these emotions I release them to the world and find healing and forgiveness. It has become therapeutic to show the public some of the thoughts through paintings.